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Discover How To Easily Double Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Vancouver BC Canada

Discover How to easily double your home’s curb appeal with one quick little trick for only $99. Think of all the time, effort, or money you spend on your lawn and garden to look its best. Now, consider that your driveway takes up half your front yard. This Week’s Driveway + Front Entrance Special Only […]

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So easy it feels like you’re cheating

There’s this older movie (The Sting) where there is a high stakes Poker game going on. And Paul Newmans character keeps winning, again and again… So this guy goes up to Newman’s friend and say’s, ‘How does your boss keep winning?’ His reply? ‘He cheats.’ Haha!… Okay, it’s a bit funny in the movie, though […]

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No More Excuses….

Never Make Excuses “There are a thousand excuses for every failure, but never a good reason”. Mark Twain If you experiment with excuses, lies and exaggerations, it is probably because you find the truth inadequate. One guaranteed strategy for fast tracking your results, building a stellar reputation, and attracting both money and opportunities into your […]

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Be Consistent…

Consistency is one of the keys to the successful achievement of ANY goal. con-sis-ten-cy Agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole; correspondence; specifically: ability to be asserted together without contradiction. Consistency will not only save you time by helping you simplify and focus your efforts, but much more importantly […]

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Don’t Be Foolish Today…Do This Instead

The first thing… You need to do to start the second quarter fast and focused is… 1. Set a few important goals. 2. Establish a game plan. 3. Execute and commit to seeing it through to the end. THE FACT IS… It’s irresponsible to start the day, week, month or quarter unfocused, unprepared and uncommitted. […]

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Pay Attention to Detail…

If you long to accomplish great and noble tasks, you must first learn to approach every task as though it were great and noble. Our whole environment is simply an accumulation of tiny details. Although we measure our lives in years, we live them in days, hours, minutes and seconds. It’s dangerous and derogatory to […]

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Focus on the Fundamentals…

Success in all it’s forma consists of simple fundamentals Here are three points: Professionals respect while amateurs loathe them Professionals master while amateurs neglect them Professionals practice while amateurs undermine them My desire is remind you about the critical role these points play in your life and challenge you to become brilliant and well disciplined […]

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(VIDEO) Success IS as easy as 1..2..3

To lead a successful life, career, or business, you need only three things: 1. A crystal clear understanding of WHAT you want to achieve. 2. A passionate desire and burning WHY that inspires massive action. 3. A plan of action which points to HOW success will be achieved and when. The problem however is that […]

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Keep It Simple…

There are two extremes in life: Simplicity and complexity Complexity smothers clear thought and it affects productivity, customer delight, corporate profitability and your own peace of mind. Simplicity is the property, condition or quality of being simple or uncombined. Simplicity is a virtue worth striving for but so often seems too hard. Without conscious, sustained […]

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Behavior Never Lies…

Your Behavior Never Lies * Practice What You Preach * Do As You Say * Walk The Talk * Actions Speak Louder Than Words Are all derivatives what are believed to be the three most important words Behavior Never Lies Who you really are is defined by your behavior, not your words. When a persons […]

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