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March, 2016

Focus on the Fundamentals…

Success in all it’s forma consists of simple fundamentals Here are three points: Professionals respect while amateurs loathe them Professionals master while amateurs neglect them Professionals practice while amateurs undermine them My desire is remind you about the critical role these points play in your life and challenge you to become brilliant and well disciplined […]

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(VIDEO) Success IS as easy as 1..2..3

To lead a successful life, career, or business, you need only three things: 1. A crystal clear understanding of WHAT you want to achieve. 2. A passionate desire and burning WHY that inspires massive action. 3. A plan of action which points to HOW success will be achieved and when. The problem however is that […]

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Keep It Simple…

There are two extremes in life: Simplicity and complexity Complexity smothers clear thought and it affects productivity, customer delight, corporate profitability and your own peace of mind. Simplicity is the property, condition or quality of being simple or uncombined. Simplicity is a virtue worth striving for but so often seems too hard. Without conscious, sustained […]

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Behavior Never Lies…

Your Behavior Never Lies * Practice What You Preach * Do As You Say * Walk The Talk * Actions Speak Louder Than Words Are all derivatives what are believed to be the three most important words Behavior Never Lies Who you really are is defined by your behavior, not your words. When a persons […]

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(MANIFESTO) Find Your Greatness

I am often asked for a simple, effective, no-nonsense approach to goal setting that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. What follows is what I affectionately call the Six Step Makeover. It’s a simple process that’s easy to learn, easy to apply, and easy to get results from. Follow it to the letter and […]

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Extend Your Reach…

Two questions that impact every aspect of your life What does it mean to be rich? How does one live a richer life? The word rich comes from the root word for reach. You are rich when you reach out and expand any dimension of your life which is accomplished by expanding your comfort zone. […]

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Create a Breakthrough…

Would you like to know the secret to rapidly and significantly increasing your performance? Would you like to learn how to make progress by large jumps instead of small increments? Would you like to create change on a grand scale that will immediately revolutionize your life for the better? If you answered yes, you are ready […]

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(VIDEO) Why You Should the Raise the Stakes

It might be the result of all the news lately about surveillance and privacy concerns, but here’s a pretty darn good idea which I’d like for you to consider… What do you think would happen if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you […]

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Excellence Always….

Excellence is the process of continually growing and improving yourself and every aspect of your life. Excellence entails achievement and accomplishing goals being measured by constantly being asked this one question. Is what I am doing reflective of a life committed to a life of Your Excellence? Your greatest responsibility is to define excellence in […]

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Champ or Chump?…you decide

Today is important benchmark as it marks the final 7 days of the 1st quarter. That’s right, one quarter down and the second one about to tee up. I can assure you that all Sales Managers, Stock Analysts and Fortune 500 Executives are well aware of this date and doing what they can to finish […]

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