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March, 2016

Success Requires Inconvenience…

Success Requires Inconvenience Your success throughout your life requires an enormous threshold of discomfort and inconvenience. Inconvenience and discomfort are part of the foundational building blocks of success. You must form the habit of doing things that others do not want to do. Unfortunately society has placed a high premium on convenience and expediency that it […]

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Ask Your Way to Success….

Asking clear provocative and penetrating questions is one of the smartest, most effective strategies for getting ahead. Unfortunately it is also one of the most under utilized. Ask and You Shall Receive is a fundamental truth and success principle that you can use to leverage your time, talent, money and other resources. The world is […]

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Do The Right Thing….

Character is made up of principles and values that give your life direction, meaning and depth. They constitute your inner sense of right and wrong. You must always focus on doing the right thing. What works is not necessarily what is right even when you can get away with less. Even when the wrong thing […]

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Every choice you make today and every day must have a purpose

Choose Wisely Every choice you make today and every day must have a purpose. It’s very simple! Every choice must move you closer to your goals Every choice counts! Choices are the meat of your every day diet. One of the greatest forms of abuse in this world is self abuse resulting from wrong thinking […]

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Harness Your Energy…

Harness Your Energy Everything we do requires the use of energy. We often fail to take into account the critical role of Energy in our lives. Quantity                                        Quality Energy Focus                                            Forces Unhealthy eating habits Lack of exercise Negativity Sarcasm Unfocused goals and strategies Are all […]

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Start Saying No…

Start Saying No No is the easiest word for setting a limit and holding firm to boundaries and being clear about what you will ang will not do. No is a word of pure power that is both inner and out directed one that you must implement each and every day. Your success will be […]

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Always Move Forward….

Always Move Forward Take massive, intentional, purposeful goal directed action, it is the ultimate silver bullet. In Real Estate it is all about Location, Location, Location In Goal Setting it is all about Action, Action, Action Whether your goal is to be or not to be is largely dependent upon your actions each day. A […]

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The Power of Focus….

Follow One Course Until Successful The guiding principle that should drive your every decision is the law of focus. Everything you think, say and do takes you closer or further away from your goals. FOCUS A goal or picture of something you want to be, have or do. It captivates your attention and provokes a […]

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Carpe Diem….

“Seize The Day” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the same thing holds true with the challenges in your life. One step at a time To ensure a good start each day, you must take that bold first step. You must identify goals and actions you are committed to […]

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Raise The Bar….

Raise The Bar…. What all began as a test of military readiness, to prepare soldiers for service, someone put a bar between two poles and commanded the troops to jump over it. Soon it turned to sport. More than likely it was at the ancient Greek Olympics the first competitive high jump took place. The […]

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