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Be Consistent…

Consistency is one of the keys to the successful achievement of ANY goal.


Agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole; correspondence; specifically: ability to be asserted together without contradiction.

Consistency will not only save you time by helping you simplify and focus your efforts, but much more importantly help you set and meet expectations you have for yourself. That equates to a positive impact on your bottom line on your results.

The next time you read a newspaper take a look at the fonts, the color schemes and the margins. Then look and examine through each section.

What makes each section different but also the same?

* Where are the crossword puzzles?
* Where are the feature stories?
* How do you know the weather is on the back page or the lottery numbers are on page 2?

One word and that is Consistency

The following are a few examples of how a consistent approach can maximize your performance and excelerate the rate that you achieve any goal that you aspire to.

* Consistently show up on time
* Consistently tell the truth and do the right thing
* Consistently honor your commitments
* Consistently go the extra mile for your customers
* Consistently take action, avoid excuses and procrastination
* Consistently deliver excellent work
* Consistently work out and eat the right foods
* Consistently meet or exceed quota
* Consistently make everything you say, think and do count

Success requires that there be consistency among our behaviors and in how we apply those behaviors. Success in any endeavor requires a consistency between our standards, actions and inner desires. Success requires there be consistency between how we treat ourselves and others.

In some cases consistency can become a self propetuating monster. It has to be used for a purpose. As a fool of consistency that serves no benefit for the end user of the beneficiaries

* Consistently being late for meetings
* Consistently lying and cheating
* Consistently disregarding commitments
* Consistently procrastinating
* Consistently avoiding responsibility by making excuses

A law of human nature

We have a strong preference for consistency in our lives. We want things to work the same way they happen.

Consistently demonstrate excellence in every task, meeting and responsibility. Pull out a piece of paper and identify the tasks and responsibilities which require a consistently excellent effort. Think of people who would be the greatest beneficiary of your consistent efforts and do everything you can to perform in an excellent manner. Focus on being consistent as the overall win of consistent behavior patterns far outweigh any value of

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