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Unleash The Greatness Within You

Excellence Always….

Excellence is the process of continually growing and improving yourself and every aspect of your life. Excellence entails achievement and accomplishing goals being measured by constantly being asked this one question.

Is what I am doing reflective of a life committed to a life of Your Excellence?

Your greatest responsibility is to define excellence in your life. Then choose the best course of action in order to make it happen. Excellence is not a relative term, it is the standard by which you must judge everything what  you do.

To achieve excellence and escape the mushroom cloud of mediocrity, you must quit doing less than excellent work.

Mediocrity is a choice, it is not always made consciously but it is still a choice. Anything less than a commitment to excellence is a compromise of talent, quality and standards which results in nothing more than mediocrity. You commit career malpractice every time you do things in a mediocre manner.

There is absolutely no inherent value in mediocrity

Being world class has nothing to do with size, education or blood line. It has everything to do with decision, commitment, action and persistence. Excellence is a destination for anyone who appreciates, respects, and demonstrates hard work and good judgement. The price of excellence is what you are willing to pay in sweat to get it.

You can become excellent, beginning right now

Visualize yourself as the best teacher, artist, manager, coach or parent that you aspire to become. Put yourself in the best possible position to succeed, perform your script as it plays out in your mind.

Stay the course

It takes less than a second to raise your standards, deliver world-class quality and commit to excellence. It takes a lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain it.

Excellence begins inside, as a decision, and ask yourself these key questions

What do I see that needs improvement?

What do I wish I didn’t see?

What behaviors would I like to see in my life?

What do I hear other people say about me?

What do I see that rubs me the wrong way about others?

The answers to these questions along with others like them will provide the points of improvement you will see. Excellence helps you build support because you demonstrate accountability, genuine results and superior performance. Excellence creates confidence and enhances peace of mind.

Define what excellence means to you

Determine exactly where and how you will demonstrate excellence and make a lifelong commitment to excellence as every task, project and goal can be completed in an excellent fashion.

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