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Grow up and Get Serious

Grow up and Get Serious

Getting serious is the key decision you must make to fast track your growth.The successful people look in the mirror and they say they were done playing games. That they were done settling for second best. They were done standing by watching things happen instead of making things happen and while other people were living in nicer homes and enjoying a better quality of life.

Let me ask you a question

Have you made the decision to get serious about your life?

Your answer should be yes or no.

Stop blaming other people and become the best person you could be. Your behavior tells other people what type of person you are.

Too many people take a casual and cavalier approach to life and they have the audacity to complain when things don’t go their way.

You will be become rich when you get serious about becoming rich and not one second sooner.

Decide to get rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently you will remain in your present situation.

You will get in great physical shape only after you get serious about getting
in great physical shape and not one second sooner.

Make the decision to get in shape or continue to suffer the consequences or you will suffer from obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.

You will make advances in your career only if you choose to make excellence your operating standard.

Choose excellence and commit to raising your standards.

You will have a great marriage only after you decide to have a great marriage and not one second sooner.

Choose to build a loving, nurturing, safe and supporting relationship.

You will leave a lasting legacy only after you get serious about the contributions you want to make during your lifetime.

Choose to do something important with your life. Embrace a cause that you passionately
believe in.

Your behavior never lies

You are serious about doing something when your ability to execute matches your capacity to imagine a new future. When you set realistic but challenging deadlines and honor them.

You are serious when you are on time and fully prepared for meetings. You are serious when you look for solutions rather than focusing on problems and who’s to blame. You are serious when you go the extra mile as a habit not as a selective exercise. You are serious about your job when you arrive to work early and stay later. You are serious when you consistently meet or exceed your quota. You are serious when you take initiative and proactive behavior. You are serious when you focus on adding greater value. You are serious when you make more deposits than withdrawals into your relationship. You are also more serious when you accept reality as it is, not as it was or how you would like it to be.

Until you understand these four words Grow Up Get Serious you are going
to waste a lot of time and energy.

Life is ever so short and precious so get serious

Your commitment about generating big, bold results is critical to your success. If you are serious about unleashing the greatness within you, I encourage you register for the 100 day challenge that will be starting soon.

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