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Keep It Simple…

There are two extremes in life:

Simplicity and complexity

Complexity smothers clear thought and it affects productivity, customer delight, corporate profitability and your own peace of mind.

Simplicity is the property, condition or quality of being simple or uncombined. Simplicity is a virtue worth striving for but so often seems too hard. Without conscious, sustained effort focused on simplicity, increased complexity is certain to manifest itself. Our modern world generates complexity at warp speed.

Consider the complexity imposed upon us by the endless number of choices available to us at every turn in our lives. Life is complicated enough and technology should not add to the problem. Manufacturers should be committed to making technology make sense, technology that is easy to use and technology that is designed around how we live and work.

The driving force of innovation and technology should be grounded in simplicity. Simplicity is a good thing. It does not precede complexity, but follows it.

* It removes ways from our value chain
* It saves time and money
* It improves decision making to give you a new competitive advantage
* It gives you a leg up on less efficient and effective firms who fail to peel away the complexity on their organizations.

It is the new competitive advantage

We can be swept along on this wave of complexity and we can make conscious decisions and hard trade-offs to start simplifying our businesses and lives. Achieving absolute simplicity is something none of us will ever achieve.

Focus on Simplicity

Look for simple solutions, simple pleasures and simple ways to get results. Create a flowchart of your daily activities and use simplicity as your guide. Ask yourself, how you can simplify every step in your sales process. Once implemented you will be astounded by the results.

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