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No More Excuses….

Never Make Excuses

“There are a thousand excuses for every failure, but never a good reason”.

Mark Twain

If you experiment with excuses, lies and exaggerations, it is probably because you find the truth inadequate. One guaranteed strategy for fast tracking your results, building a stellar reputation, and attracting both money and opportunities into your life is by losing every excuse and accepting 100% responsibility for your life and your behavior.

Success requires that you turn your back on excuses and point your chest firmly in the direction of responsible behavior. The tragedy of the average person is that they become dependent on the deception, false belief and ease of use associated with making excuses.

There is no enemy more insidious or vicious than excuses. It’s an enemy that poses a clear and present danger to your future. If there was no recourse to the “excuse” option, if all you could do was produce the desired result, or try another way to get the desired result, just think of how much more productive, trusting and transparent we could be as a society.

Excuses are simply for knuckleheads

The truth is, no one is buying and we all know you are full of beans when you offer up excuses. Because behavior never lies, not one of us can excuse ourselves out of a pickle that we behave ourselves into.

Don’t lie, exaggerate or BS people with some sorry excuse why you didn’t deliver the intended results. Few things make people more uncomfortable than being confronted with the reality of their own excuses. The excuse of using excuses is a behaviorally transmitted disease that inhibits the inherent potential of anyone that comes in contact with them.

Why do people continue to rely on such lame rational, which undermines their potential and destroys their reputation?

Start by having a rendezvous with reality by doing the following…

* Pause and think of the negative consequences associated with making excuses
* Implement a no excuses allowed policy into your life
* Confront people when excuses are made and challenge them to raise the bar

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