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Success Requires Inconvenience…

Success Requires Inconvenience

Your success throughout your life requires an enormous threshold of discomfort and inconvenience. Inconvenience and discomfort are part of the foundational building blocks of success. You must form the habit of doing things that others do not want to do.

Unfortunately society has placed a high premium on convenience and expediency that it has enabled weakness while also creating an inabilitiy for many to perform at peak levels. True success is achieved by the minority of people. Becoming uncomfortable is not a nuisance, but a necessity to growth, excellence and success.

The list of things people don’t want to be inconvenienced by is too long to permit specific discussion. But saying they all emanate from a willingness to embrace easy and convenient solutions to just about any situation can dispose of all of them.

It’s inconvenient to work out when you’re tired and it’s convenient and easy to make an excuse and roll over.

It’s inconvenient to be forgiving when someone has hurt you so it’s convenient and easy to hold a grudge

It’s inconvenient to teach your child how to tie their shoes however it’s convenient and easy to provide them with slip-ons

It’s inconvenient to prepare a well-balanced meal however it’s convenient and easy to go to a fast food restaurant

It’s inconvenient to be tranquil in a traffic jam however it’s convenient and easy to get stressed out

It’s inconvenient to accept responsibility for your behavior so it’s convenient and easy to blame someone else

It’s inconvenient to tell the truth to others and ourselves however it’s convenient and easy to lie or engage avoidance

It’s inconvenient to go the extra mile for a client however it’s convenient and easy to say no, it can’t be done

It’s inconvenient to confront problems head on and it’s convenient and easy to pretend that they don’t exist and that’s what most people do

It’s inconvenient to sacrifice and enforce self-discipline in all areas of your life, so what do we do, it’s convenient and easy to be lazy and procrastinate

It’s inconvenient to break free from a comfort zone however it’s convenient and easy to stay where you are

It’s inconvenient to be open minded and understanding however it’s easy and convenient to be judgmental and prejudice

It’s inconvenient to practice the golden rule however it’s convenient and easy to be self-centered

No one likes to be inconvenienced

High performers understand that the road to success is constantly filled with acts of discomfort and sacrifice. They simply choose to do what needs to be done regardless of the inconvenience. But if they don’t like being inconvenienced, why do they embrace it? Successful people are influenced by the desire for pleasing results. The majority of people
are influenced by the desire for pleasing methods.

Embrace inconvenience and sacrifice as the building blocks for having a breakthrough day. Identify the critical areas that require sacrifice and allow yourself to be inconvenienced in your pursuit of these critical success factors. As long as you life you must never forget while you may succeed beyond your fondest hopes and greatest expectations. You will never succeed beyond the purpose to which you are willing to surrender.

Increase your appetite for discomfort as every act of inconvenience leads you one step closer to success, fulfillment the achievement of your goals.

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