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The Power And Impact of Deadlines…

The Power And Impact of Deadlines

A deadline is a time commitment which your tasks and goals be achieved. Deadlines serve as a powerful strategic weapon you must use to your advantage.

A Simple Profound Truth

When you set a deadline and expect to get your goals accomplished quickly, they get
accomplished quickly. Any task or goal takes as much time as you allow it to take. If
you set a strict deadline and don’t allow much time to get the results you expect, it
won’t take much time in order for you to declare victory.

You will always work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline for
achieving your goals. By consciously choosing forced deadlines and putting accountability
into each action you will begin to fast track your results and your rewards. You will
achieve true greatness only after you develop a sense of urgency and importance on what you are trying to do.

A deadline and strong sense of urgency generate energy toward getting results.

In short Deadlines challenge you to perform.

You must purposely put yourself in a position where you have to perform by setting
a deadline. Avoid the mistake of plunging ahead without a high sense of urgency.

Behavior should not depend on deadlines. Behavior depends on our values. High
performing people have a strong sense of urgency.

The Ultimate Silver Bullet

A clearly understood deadline that is shared, agreed upon, and committed to is the
silver bullet of proactive behavior.

Deadlines have three distinct purposes

Represent Commitment

Enforce Accountability

Create a Sense of Urgency

You can not afford to delay your goals, your dreams, and your responsibilies in

Start by placing a realistic deadline on each goal and activity you engage in
today. Meet each deadline and astound yourself by what you are able to accomplish.

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